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Tim Cothren Films Earthquake Story in Haiti.

N24, Germany's largest news channel, called cameraman Tim Cothren in New York
three days after the Haitian earthquake and asked him how quickly
he could get to Haiti to help cover the earthquake.  
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    Award winning  Network cameraman and Producer TIM COTHREN, has taken his cameras and experience back to the Caribbean where his broadcast career started twenty years ago.


    Island Media Group's mission is to provide foreign Broadcasters, Producers, Corporate and Entertainment entities with true "state side" quality equipment, camera crews and stringers for hire in the tropical region.

    Based in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Trans-Caribbean access is easily managed through local air charters and an international airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico for quick transportation to all Caribbean and Central American countries.

    Documentary production, Underwater filming and Electronic News Gathering (ENG) are the backbone of our experience but not our only strength.

    Any production style from an MTV influenced commercial spot, to covering a Corporate Retreat Event are all within our realm.